About accessibility at HAU4

HAU Hebbel am Ufer is in a learning process: we are working on gradually making the theatres, our work processes and the programme more diverse and inclusive. Of course, this also includes the digital stage HAU4.

Many of the artists at HAU4 collaborate with us to create different approaches in their work. But not all the individual projects we show on HAU4 have been made to be accessible.

The digital stage itself at www.HAU4.de is intended to be accessible and has been implemented as such. In the process, we were advised by the Sozialheld:innen, among others. We paid attention to good readability and alternative navigation with the keyboard. HAU4 is compatible with common screen readers. We are continuously working on providing text descriptions for pictures and videos and translations into sign language as well as audio descriptions. You can find the respective offers under the filter setting “Language” in the HAUthek and in the programme. Wherever possible, we offer transcripts and subtitles. Our aim is always to make projects experienceable at least according to the two-senses principle. We continue to try to make HAU4 as accessible as possible.

If you have any questions or comments about accessibility at HAU4 or need further information, please contact:
Jan Menden
Tel +49 (0)30.25 9004 432