Collective Intelligence at Work: Of Ants and Algorithms

With: Susanne Lang (organisational psychologist), Maximilian Prüfer (artist), Soenke Zehle (media theorist). Moderation: Alexander Karschnia (andcompany&Co.)

  • Podcast
  • 2021/2022
  • German

Algorithms creep into our lives like pesky insects. The ant trail has become the model for every form of optimisation: the so-called ANT ALGORITHM ensures that our bubble is always filled to the brim with more of the same. This “explosion of intelligence” makes us humans look like monkeys compared to learning machines. Perhaps social insects can teach us how to think collectively and develop the general intellect foreseen by Marx. andcompany&Co. will speak with guests from the fields of art and science.


    • Fri 14.1.2022, 17:00


Editing: Harald Stojan

Production: andcompany&Co. and HAU Hebbel am Ufer.