STO Union


  • Spy on Me #4
  • Film
  • Installation
  • Digital Art
  • Performance
  • 2022/2023
  • German subtitles
  • English

"HAU: Out Loud" is an interdisciplinary work by Canadian group STO Union that takes place throughout HAU1's theater. Two of the many components of the performance from the historic theater space were able to be created and followed during the period of the Spy on Me #4 festival at HAU4.

From ‘home offices’ to ‘online theatre’, human experience is undergoing a dizzying revolution filled with contradictions, and the Real World is struggling to adapt. The multidisciplinary company STO Union (Canada) enters the historic HAU1 venue, built in 1908, and asks a simple question: how can pre-internet theatre architecture be of use now, to a divided public that is traumatized by world-wide tragedy? With video installation, live art, music, performance, public engagement, and an artificial intelligent ritual (with UKAI Projects), “HAU: OUT LOUD” brings the public together in a shared exploration of the venue’s function in a challenging world. Where multiple narratives exist at the same time, and no one way forward presents itself, in this production, you are free to roam the building and choose your way. This exploration of the HAU1 venue is made more moving as it represents the return of the director Nadia Ross after her last collaboration at HAU in 2020 had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. We are delighted that we can invite STO Union back for “Spy on Me #4” in this playful exploration of public and digital spaces as arenas for communal recovery.


Half-hour live performances on Friday and Saturday at 18:15 and 20:15, on Sunday at 13:30 and 15:30.

Interactive material on HAU4.

Read here an Interview with Nadia Ross (STO Union) and Nina Tecklenburg (Interrobang)



Concept, direction, performance: Nadia Ross / Creative collaboration, stage management, in-house technical direction: Robert Scott / Technical direction: Christian Gagnon / Set design: STO Union / Lighting design: Sebastian Zamponi / Video: Nadia Ross / Sound and music composition: Claire Bestland / Costume (performance): Andy Tait / Production management: Nadia Ross / Production assistance: Renée Richard / Tour and financial management: Shauna Kadyschuk / Web management, graphic design: Bob Michek, South Hill Graphics / OUT LOUD video participants: Rita Jain, Ruth Salmon, Marie-Hélène Debanné, Randolph McMillan, Michael and Lauren, James Wearne, Ilse Turnsen, Ingrid Snydal, Kerri Hodgins, Jill Rick, Agnes Krischel, Michael Clarke, Margery Leach, Renée Richard / A.I. Ritual: Ukai Projects (Development: Dan Tapper, K.I. technology Berlin: Jerrold McGrath, Willem Deisinger)

Production: STO Union. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts With the participation of the Government of Canada and the Municipality of La Pêche, Québec.


STO Union recognizes that its head office in Farrellton, Quebec is located on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe Nation whose presence here dates back to time immemorial.