Malu Peeters


    After clicking on the "Enter" button, you can access the complete EP on the “Bandcamp”. platform. There you can stream the album or buy a digital version.

    Here you can find more information about the production “Virtual Wombs“ by Anna Fries and Malu Peeters.

    Virtual Wombs

    Malu Peeters has been working with Anna Fries for many years. Together, the artists* developed the very successful HAU co-production "Virtual Wombs" in 2021. The two are passionate about virtual possibilities, immersive experiments and creating tender spaces.
    The composition, which can be experienced as a sound installation in the context of "Virtual Wombs", and other tracks are now being released as an album under the title "L-0-U".

    “How can the monstrous sound obscure yet full of love? What is the soundtrack of uncanny creatures? And if the post-human speaks what is their voice like? L-0-U explores the spectrum of the human voice from the fleshly and sexual to the odd and whimsical. It creates an auditory space that is both obnoxious and attractive. Funny songs that are comforting yet unpredictable. Grotesque creatures floating in an underwater world, a bestiary of (im)possible life forms and weirdo lullabies.”


    Performed, produced & mixed by Malu Peeters

    Mastered by Queer Ear Mastering

    Photography by Claire Power

    Thank you Lounès Peeters ♡