Performing Technology

Bundesweites Artist Labor der Labore (B.A.L.L.)

    After clicking on the "Enter" button, you will be taken to the platform New Art City, a virtual gallery for digital art. There, the lab day "Performing Technology" is documented in the form of a VR world.

    What forms of digital “liveness” can we as a theatre create? How can we infiltrate commercially oriented digital platforms? Which online tools should be further developed in the sense of self-determined working, so as not to reproduce old barriers such as systemic racism, sexism and ableism through technology-related exclusion mechanisms? Which encounters, which accesses and which possibilities of participation do virtual and hybrid spaces allow? And how can we implement our projects in a socially and ecologically resource-friendly way?

    In the context of the two Digital Labs at HAU – Online Hackathon and Online Hack Space plus the subsequent artist residencies – we have already addressed these questions. The two-day dialog format “Bundesweites Artist Labor der Labore” (Nationwide Artist Lab of the Labs) by Fonds Darstellende Künste continued. The participants selected by HAU are artists who have adapted their work to the conditions of the pandemic, but also artists who have long been associated with digital practice. It is important to us to also establish experts of the Internet stage, gamers, coders or web designers as artists. Together they developed a prototype for digital theatre strategies on a lab day.

    On October 14 and 15, the participants of the 30 nationwide Artist Labs initiated by the Fund will come together at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

    Anna Fries: Participant
    Anna Krauß (HAU): Concept
    Andara Shastika: Participant
    Echo Can Luo: Documentation / Design VR world
    Höjdis Lyn Behncken: Documentation / Design VR world
    Huyen Trang Nguyen Le: Assistance
    Lisa Mara Ahrens (HAU): Assistance
    Nushin Yazdani: Participant
    Paola Bascon: Participant
    Petja Ivanova: Participant
    Ulla Heinrich: Concept, Moderation
    Sarah Reimann (HAU): Concept