Tactical Tech

Everything Will Be Fine

14.9.­–4.10. / open all day

Part of “Spy on Me #4”

  • Spy on Me #4
  • Dialogue
  • Film
  • Installation
  • 2022/2023

The project “Everything Will Be Fine” explores how people understand and respond to global crises through the lens of technology. After an outdoor exhibition in September and October 2022, the Berlin-based NGO Tactical Tech has now gathered the various perspectives presented there on a website.

After clicking on the "Enter" button, you will be taken to the website https://everythingfine.org/.

Trailer zum Projekt


Exibition Text

How do people react to crises, and what role does digital technology play in this? “Everything Will Be Fine” is an outdoor exhibition by the Berlin-based NGO Tactical Tech in co-production with HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Visitors are invited to enter a unique inflatable structure and follow self-chosen paths to reflect on their own reactions to our mounting planetary crises.

From ambitious technological approaches, such as digital twins of the planet, to the spread of conspiracy theories online, digital technologies are seen as both solutions for and amplifiers of our perma-crisis. The experience asks, in what ways are technologies the lens through which we can witness, investigate and explain our own reactions to crisis, and the reactions of others?

The exhibition will be held in the forecourt of the Deutsches Technikmuseum and installed in a structure designed by Czech architects Kogaa, presenting the work of over 20 international artists like Paolo Cirio, Marjolijn Dijkman, Disnovation.org, Vladan Joler, Egor Kraft, Agnieszka Kurant, Sybille Neumeyer, Liam Young and others and creating a space for reflection, interaction and discussion.

Visitors will be encouraged to examine their personal responses to crisis – from fight or flight to fix or freeze. The exhibition will also feature a full programme of events including tours, workshops and more.

On September 15 there will be an evening with curated short films by artists in the exhibition. The screenings will be accompanied by a discussion with curators Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski. These films will be screened:

 “Algo-Rhythm”, Manu Luksch, 13:56 Min.
 “The Border Interfaced”, Joana Moll, 2:49 Min.
 “Choreographic Camouflage”, Liam Young, 8:04 Min.
 “These Networks Under Our Skin”, Mimi Onuoha, 5:48 Min.
 “Zizi & Me”, Jake Elwes, 4:47 Min.
 “New colour”, Egor Kraft, 4:43 Min.
 “San Andreas Deer Cam”, Brent Watanabe, 1:48 Min.
 “Let Me Fix You”, Dasha Illina, 11:49 Min.

Tactical Tech, founded by Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski, is an award-winning international non-profit that creates bold and forward-looking experiences and educational interventions that invite people to think and reflect critically about their relationship with technology and how it changes the world they live in. Tactical Tech are the creators of the popular touring exhibition, “The Glass Room,” now shown in over 50 countries.


Exhibition 14.9.–4.10.
15.9., 19:00 / HAU1: an evening with curated short films by artists in the exhibition


Production: Tactical Tech. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. In cooperation with: KOGAA, Kubicek Visionair, laloma.info and Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Museum of Technology).